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Terms of legal notice

§1) All contents are protected by copyright law.

§1.1) The content protected by copyright also includes screenshots (snapshots of technical records on the screen computer) which may not be used for private, legal or commercial purposes.

§2) My personal data may not be used for advertising purposes.

§3) A commercial use of data is prohibited by the copyright owner. There is nothing to be done against a private use as long as it corresponds to the purpose of the respective medium (viewing, listening, editing, printing and possibly use).

§3.1) If the respective files are based on other licenses (within a file, archives or the respective page) these are valid instead of §3 of these legal notices.

§4) Similarities to real existing persons are not willed. So if you notice a resemblance to himself, it is based on an event for which no causal relationship exists.

§5) I do not commit the deliberate attempt to violate rights of third parties, should happen such a mistake, however, I please the rights holder or its accredited representative in advance that infringement for correcting to me, so I can change this.

§6) Photos from other sources are not further characterized, as this is not required by license conditions. Insofar as the used photos are not from the photo collections of Corel and Serif.

§7) Read the privacy policies on this page. The terms of the privacy policy are valid for all websites (domains) pending the network. By using you agree to the terms.

§8) The use of “dum-network” gives the consent to these legal notices and privacy policies.